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It’s been three years since the day I decided to stop my freelance career and step into my ultimate dream, building a strong team of awesome remote workers providing website, apps development and content marketing campaigns for SMEs overseas.

The phrase ‘building a strong team’ somewhat sounds so millennial but it really was a dream that I had in me for the seven years I worked as an online marketing worker and a manager of sorts. I just needed then a nudge and the courage to be able to jumpstart.

Let me tell you that this dream isn’t so dilly dally. And though I was able to jumpstart it, I still keep working on it. UP UNTIL TODAY. This is the thing I realised the most. That once you take the first step in chasing your dreams, it doesn’t end there. Because chasing dreams take courage to start it and continuous work to keep it afloat.

I started as an online admin assistant in 2008 and in the Philippines, online virtual assistants as they call it weren’t the fad. Working at home wasn’t much accepted as working in an office but I found it to be the most suitable for me, most especially that I was nursing my first born. Through working as a VA, I learned of the digital marketing world that’s already happening in the west. I learned way way ahead than the marketing gurus in my country.

Despite the experience and the money that flows, I wasn’t as fulfilled than what I thought. I wanted more. More in a sense that I wanted to own something. I wanted to build my own company – using my knowledge as a VA and the experiences that came with it. I had lots, I tell you.

After few attempts of failed partnerships with my former clients (together with my small team of awesome), I somehow destined to reunite with a Techpreneur I worked for for a short time and Leet Digital was born. My dream has come to fruition! But didn’t I tell you that for your dreams to keep afloat, you must work continuously? That’s what we’re doing, EVERYDAY. And so we came up with a very not so conventional package based from experience.

As a VA, I knew I was a rock star because I can design, create websites and do marketing strategies… but much as I hate to admit it, I can only do these in what others term as ‘basic’. I can’t beat a designer who knows better typography nor a developer who knows all the languages and framework. Yes, folks, a rock star VA who knows 100% of everything doesn’t exist! So instead, I worked with various freelancers who has these better skillsets in terms of design and coding.

And hey, Eureka! This problem was the trigger for me and my team to create an offering that provides the skills of a team for just the price of one worker. At this moment, this is the flagship service Leet Digital is offering. And we’ve proven that this kind of package works!

Here’s the proposition:
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Since it’s my dream’s anniversary, I thought to showcase the best offering we have in store. And yes, this is just a testament of how important consistency and continuous work is! If you’re tired of Freelancers living your projects 70% poor, contact me and let’s celebrate teamwork.

Cheers to dreams!